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5 Minute Mindfulness Check-In

Let's stop for a quick 5 Minute Mindfulness Check-In. Read this slow & intentional. Feeling each word. Pausing after each sentence.

As you sit & read this, feel your body connect to the surface that you are on.

Perhaps feeling your bottom on the chair, floor or wherever you are seated.

Perhaps feeling the floor underneath your feet.

Tune in for a minute to these subtle sensations.

Allow them to be in your space of consciousness.

Feeling grounded and fully supported.

I invite you to gently guide that same awareness to your breathing.

Feel the subtleness of your abdomen expanding.

If you feel called to do so, place one or both hands on your abdomen to strengthen that connection.

Pause here & feel.

Simply observing.

Welcoming that sensation into your space of consciousness.

Begin to tune in to the difference when you exhale.

Feeling the abdomen contracting.

Connect to the sensations of your complete breath pattern.

Staying with your breath just for this moment.

This is your permission to just be.

To be in your body. To be aware of your body.

To be aware of your natural rhythm of life.

To connect to this moment. To connect to yourself.

To grant yourself this permission of depth & connection.

This moment is your peace. Your ease. Your relaxation.

Surrender to this moment.

Stay here as long as you'd like.

Namaste <3

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