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Mindfulness of Breath

A short mindfulness exercise of the breath. Read each sentence slowly and pause before continuing to the next.

Pay attention to your breath.

Shift all of your focus to the happening of your breathing.

No need to change or alter it in any way.

Just simply sit and focus your awareness on this happening.

As you observe your breath, this independent happening, start to become aware of any sensations you are feeling.

For instance, where do you feel your breath come into your body?

Where do you feel your breath leave your body?

Perhaps the back of the throat? Inside one or both nostrils? At the base of your nose and lip?

Begin to observe the natural cycle or rhythm of your breath.

Perhaps you can feel the rise and fall of your body.

Take a moment to tune in to where you feel the body moving along with the breath.

You may place a hand on your belly and/or chest to connect to those sensations.

Become a witness to this happening.

Breathing is happening.

If your mind begins to wander, simply gently guide your focus back to your breath.

Perhaps bring your awareness back to a particular sensation you identified previously.

Become curious about your breath.

It is always with you.

Come back to it anytime you need.

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