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Pull Up A Cozy Cushion & Let's Chat

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

First and foremost, welcome! My name is Jenn and I want to thank you for supporting me by following me on this amazing journey known as the human experience.

Throughout my life I always have been connected to my ability to help others, to connect with others through empathy and understanding, and meet others around me with the utmost love, light and compassion for their very own experience. However, I was not open to receiving the true message and direction of my path until I began my own journey of self-care & healing in 2019.

That year I lost myself searching for support, love and compassion outside of myself. After a life changing conversation, my inner wisdom came to me in a flood of feelings and emotions. Completely unburying itself, I was searching for something I had within me this whole time. That was my pivotal moment. My shift. Every action, feeling, thought, emotion I used to search outwardly, I shifted to search within. All of my energy suddenly shifted within me. Like a flashlight illuminating a dark corner.

As soon as I let go, my intuition and soul took over. With what I can only describe as a shock to my heart and a vision of the word "meditation" it all began. I scheduled uninterrupted time, pulled up a cushion and met myself on the floor for 20 minutes each day. My practice became a priority. After a few weeks of faithful daily practice, my journey began to unfold in ways I could have never imagined. Each a timely placed steppingstone in front of me.

My new path began in the fall of 2020 when I received a flyer for a local Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. Immediately I knew I had to try it. I enrolled. The following weeks things began to shift even more within myself. I discovered a lot about myself, including the love of writing my own meditations. Intuitively navigating journeys of the soul, body and mind.

Within that course, and some time after, another revelation came to me. To become a meditation teacher. After much research and feeling like this dream may be out of reach, I stumbled upon an ad for Yogamu Institute. Again, I felt the compelling feeling to enroll. So, I did. Dedicating almost 2 years to my studies and my own daily practice, I received my 500-hour Meditation Teacher certification. Through that journey, I have learned so much about myself, my passion, my purpose, my powerful desire to help people heal. The excitement to continue to learn has allowed me to embrace this experience stepping into my most authentic self.

In the fall of 2022, I joined a wonderful team at Embodied Directions in Dover, NH. A trauma informed yoga studio I had the pleasure of taking classes at almost a year prior and now have to pleasure of teaching a Meditation Class every Saturday morning.

I am full of abundant gratitude and love for beginning this lifelong journey. My goal in sharing my healing is hoping it helps you heal too. To provide a safe and open space to let your authentic self shine. Your path may look different than mine however our ability to help each other heal is the same. When we connect to ourselves, we gain a deeper and greater sense of who we are. When we gain understanding of who we are, then we can understand others for who they are. What we do for ourselves is what we do for others, for the world. We are healers.

Be open (with yourself). Be kind (to yourself). Be accountable (for yourself).

Join me as we make our way back to our true selves.


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